Digital Recordings, was founded in 2001 by Cochran T Humphries, President/CEO.  Over the years the team has changed and evolved to include disciplined skill profesionals such as Randal Alexander,VP Technology , Tony Anthony Love, VP Marketing, Bruce Dunn, VP Media Broadcast, Ulish Booker, VP Gospel Music & Pro Sports Liason, Hank Lyle Jones, VP System Applications, William Derrick, VP Film and Image, The passion to track, develop and market recordings is the core epirus of this new media records platform.

Humpries, CEO  |     Booker, VP Gospel  | Dunn,VP Broadcast | Derrick, VP Film & Image

Digital Recordings is the only cutting edge recording industry business model that operates on a margin contract agreement with its artist allowing the artist to own 100% of the copyrights, publishing rights and artist masters, while receiving 100% of recording retail price point; set by the artist themselves! Cutting edge indeed! Our independent artist roster is expanding, and business is Good! Polar opposite to all other labels , Digital Recordings Records Division accepts unsolicited material! Ha! That’s a first!

Yes, “The Music Industry Sucks!” But not at Digital Recordings!